Clan Rules

Welcome to our rules page. This page lists the rules we enforce on servers we run and expect clan members and guests to follow.


Any disrespect towards {LOD} memebers or our regular players will not be tolerated. Friendly banter between players adds to the game but there is a point where it goes to far. If we ask you to stop pestering players please honor our request.

General Conduct Policy

You are responsible both for yourself and other members of your visiting clan. Hacking, Team Killing, Excessive Camping, and other such related items are not allowed and punishments will be swift and decisive. We expect all of you as players to play fairly. Don't stack the teams, don't back talk to ANYONE (be it admin or not). If you're not a member of {LOD} do not recruit on our servers.

Complaint Policy

Our forums are available for posting any complaints you have regarding banishment, map specific stuff, server related etc. We ask however that any complaints about {LOD} personnel be left off the boards. Any complaints about an admins conduct are to be emailed to {LOD} Scarecrow. Any topics deemed to be flames will be deleted immediately from the forum.

Zero Tolerance for any form of Sexual Harassment

If an Admin catches you harassing another player you will be kicked and submitted for banishment. If a senior {LOD} admin is present you will be banned permanently. If you are unsure concerning a comment you are about to make DON'T say/type it. Do not make individual inquiries concerning gender, age, race, religion, location, contact information...etc. You don't need this information to play.

Wholesome Appearance Policy

{LOD} keeps the server as clean as possible. Anything deemed sexually oriented when it comes to sprays and handles is not allowed. This includes pornographic sprays, sprays oriented around swear words, pornographic handles, swear words in handles etc.

Cheating Policy

All Players,members of the clan or not, found to be using hacks and/or exploits will be punished.