Welcome to the Legion of Doom

We are frequently asked questions concerning {LOD}. The following is a summary of basic information. For specific information please register at our forum and ask your questions.

What is {LOD}?

The {LOD} Family (clan) consists of members from all across the United States and Canada, {LOD} runs family friendly FPS servers for those that play for the love of the game.

How Long have you been around?

The clan was established in 1999

Who are the founding members?

Scarecrow, Sinestro and Dr.Doom

Why did you create {LOD}?

Well we were discussing the frustrations of all the hackers out in the servers so we decided to start our own clan and build a server so we could have control of those that were able to play. We could eliminate hackers if we wanted to. Since all of us are old men, we came from the Superhero cartoon era. We all thought of the Superfriends, but it just sounded too corny for CS, so we decided why not the other half, the Legion of Doom. Hence the {LOD} clan was born.